If your vehicle is less than 10 years old or not exempt, enter the mileage, even if you are selling to a family member. The current calendar year minus the model year of your vehicle corresponds to the age of your vehicle. Mileage is the number of miles on the vehicle, not the engine (even if the engine is newer than the rest of the vehicle). Write the miles in the field on the title and indicate if the miles are: Once you have sold the vehicle, you must do the following: – Fill out the seller`s notification if it is a private sale from one person to another. – Sign and date the title in the area for the signature of the selling owner(s). If the title displays multiple owners and the names are separated by the word “and”, all displayed owners must sign. If the word “or” separates the names, any of the displayed owners can sign. If you have lost the original title, you must apply for a replacement title. Sign the replacement and give it to the buyer – even if you find the original. The original becomes invalid if a replacement ticket is issued.

– Fill in the vehicle mileage information on the title. This is required by federal law. – Fill in the trademark disclosure area on the title (if applicable). – Enter the sale price on the title. The Ministry of Revenue reviews securities and investigates suspicious selling prices. – Enter the name and address of the buyer or buyers on the title. – If a lien is written on the title, provide the buyer with a lien waiver document from your lien holder; The buyer needs both documents to obtain a title. – Remove the license plates from the vehicle.

You can transfer them to another vehicle you own. If it is a truck registered at 10,000 pounds or more, a land car registered at 16,000 pounds or more, a moped, a trailer or a recreational vehicle trailer, the license plates remain with the vehicle and do not need to be removed. – If you want a registration of the sale, you can also fill out the instructions for the sale of a vehicle MV2928 – Wisconsin Bill of Sale Form and Wisconsin Bill of Sale Form in Spanish. The purchase contract is provided for your convenience, it is not a mandatory form. You can keep a copy with your records and make a copy for the buyer as sales documentation. The Wisconsin Vehicle Bill of Sale is a legal document drafted by the State of Wisconsin to ensure that all information required by the state is provided to prove that a motor vehicle has been lawfully sold and purchased. .