A separation agreement can give you everything a court can give you, except a divorce. Our knowledgeable lawyers can verify your situation and determine whether establishing a separation agreement is in your best interest. Depending on your circumstances, your separation agreement may contain provisions that cover the issues covered and the legal requirements of separation agreements are substantially the same for legally married and common law couples. For more information, see #105 separation agreements. Many couples solve all the problems between them by concluding a written separation agreement. Such an agreement allows them to avoid court proceedings or shorten existing proceedings, with the exception of the procedures necessary to obtain the divorce order to end their marriage. However, an agreement cannot change a parent`s legal rights with respect to custody of his or her children under the Family Support Act. If one spouse does not meet the conditions of the separation agreement, that spouse may be sued by the other. Separation Under Manitoba`s Family Act, if you are married and opt for a separation, you are still considered legally married, even if there is a judicial separation order.

Manitoba law applies to you for matters such as parenting (custody) arrangements, financial assistance or division of property. This right also applies to common law relationships. Common law couples are people who live together in conjugal relationships but are not legally married. They can also register their common law status with the Vital Statistics Agency, but this is voluntary. .