As part of this agreement, CFM has published its conduct policies and related enforcement actions, which set out its guidelines on authorization, warranty, maintenance, technical assistance, repairs, communications and entering into a contract. These documents help confirm, clarify and complement CFM`s aftermarket practices. GaĆ«l Meheust, President and CEO of CFM International, said: “This agreement reflects CFM`s strategy to promote competitive MRO services and its ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction.” An MRO provider describes the IATA agreement as a “first step” that will “not dramatically change” the dynamics of after-sales and informs FlightGlobal that the agreement has nevertheless launched the development of increased competition in the sector. “IATA does not exclude any way to support our members` efforts to ensure a lively and competitive MRO services market,” the Board said. The agreement contains specific provisions ensuring the implementation of CFM`s commitments with regard to the CFM56 series engines, which today power around 13,400 single-aisled aircraft. However, CFM has committed to applying the agreement to all commercial engines produced by the company, including engines in its new LEAP series. IN ADDITION, GE has agreed to apply the behavioral guidelines to other commercial aircraft engines that it manufactures itself. .