As I have already said, subcontracting agreements take over the terms of the contractor`s agreement with the owner. In the A401, Article 2 establishes the agreement to include the terms of the contract between the main contractor and the owner as well as the conditions of A201 (general conditions). The five AIA contractual documents of the CMa family, which include the owner`s agreement with the contractor, are summarized below. For the CMa, the updated C132 offers other opportunities and risks of liability than its predecessor, the C132-2009. The amendments concern issues such as coordination, costs and schedule, the payment process, the retention of documents and the method of project management by several main contractors. Note that specific information about CMa`s rights and obligations is contained in documents other than C132-2019, including the specific ÀMa terms and conditions of sale, A232-2019, and the owner`s agreements with the architect, B132-2019, and the contractor, A132-2019. Levelet also offers several free contract templates for download, including a standard construction contract and a subcontract. Your documents contain some of the best practices in the industry. They usually offer a balance between a contractor and those at the top of the construction payment chain. Section 15 of A401 allows for additional documents that amend or supplement the terms of the agreement. If your company has standard terms or a language that you prefer to use for your projects, you can save them here as an exhibition.

Since AIA documents bind the subcontractor to the terms of the master ownership agreements, the subcontractor clearly needs access to those documents. But the A401 doesn`t really need the Prime to provide this information to their submarines. It is sufficient for the Prime Minister to “provide documents”. Whether or not you use AIA contract documents, always consult a lawyer before signing an agreement. It is especially useful to find a construction specialist. They will know what to expect. Section 4.8 of A401 gives the subcontractor the explicit right to leave the employment if the GC does not pay the subcontract within one week of the date of the contract. The agreement gives them this right “without prejudice to other available remedies”, which means that the subcontractor is not required to find an alternative solution before carrying out his work.

However, the A401 automatically supports the terms of higher agreements between the main contractor and the owner. The AIA establishes a large number of contracts that may apply in this scenario depending on the nature of the project. Two of the most common are the A101 Owner-Contractor Agreement (for a lump sum project) and the A201 (general conditions of the construction contract). Subcontractors should read and understand all AIA contract documents related to their project. For this article, we assume that the contractual documents concerning the subcontractor are A401 (subcontracting contract), A101 (general company contract) and A201 (General conditions). . Similar divisions of authority for payment between the CMa and the architect are set out in the aia contractual documents. This division of responsibilities is necessary until final completion and final payment. The introduction of another important part, the CMa, makes the project similar to a poison diagram. In CMa projects, the role of the CMa overlaps with that of traditional designer and designer.

This is a logical function of the AIA`s CMa contact documents….