The partnership begins from the date of this agreement and continues by mutual agreement of all partners or in accordance with the provisions relating to the dissolution and dissolution of this contract. The question of who will actually be involved in the management of the company must also be taken into account. Some companies are indeed partnerships between managers and funders. This can have a great influence on issues such as structure and decision-making. When a partner receives an offer, whether solicited or not, by a person who is not then a partner to acquire all or part of his interest in the partnership, and if the partner receiving the offer is willing to accept it, he has the amount and conditions of the offer, the identity of the proposed purchaser. in writing. and willingness to accept the offer from each of the other partners. The other partners have the option of acquiring, within 45 days of termination, the designated interest or a certain portion of the partner`s interests under the same conditions as those contained in the offer. If both partners choose to exercise their option, they will each contribute half of the consideration and each individually acquire half of the shares of the selling partner. If only one partner exercises the option individually, half of the interest transferred by the other partner by a remaining partner is not entitled. Any partner may operate in one or more companies, as part of the land-based activity of the partnership, but only in the event that this activity is not in competition or in which it significantly affects the activity of the partnership and does not conflict with that partner`s obligations under this agreement.

Neither the partnership nor any other partner is entitled to benefit from income or profits generated by a partner from a business activity authorized in this section. All partnership funds are deposited on behalf of the partnership and are subject to withdrawal only with the signature of at least two (2) partners, except that an operating account can be held with a balance that can never be exceeded (amount agreed by the state). Funds in the operating account are revoked with the signature of the managing partner or another partner in his absence. If the written agreement reached by the partners holding a majority of the company`s capital interests establishes that their capital will not be sufficient for commercial activity at present or is unlikely to be sufficient, these partners may require, by written notification to all partners, an additional capital injection.