Intel® PPI uses FLETrotter-FLEXlm electronic licensing technology. Licensing management should be transparent, but if you run into problems during installation, make sure that a current license file is in the same directory as the installation file. If you still have problems, please send a problem to Intel® Premier Support. For more information, see the “Technical Support and Feedback” section of this document. Limited patent license. Intel grants you a worldwide license, free of charge, not exclusive, patent that it owns or must control now or thereafter to sell, import and sell this software (“Use”), but only to the extent that such a patent is required to use the software alone. The patent license does not apply to combinations that contain this software. There is no licensed material per se. As an Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX licensed developer, it is expected that your use of the technology for Intel SGX will comply with the following guidelines and respect the general spirit and intent of these guidelines in cases that are not explicitly addressed by the guidelines. These policies are designed to allow users of Intel SGX-compatible software to make certain assumptions about the software they rely on. If you do not comply with these guidelines, the license may be discontinued.

Intel can update these policies from time to time without notice. The number of Intel IPP copies you need depends on how many developers write, compile and test the code using the Intel PPI. Full information can be found in the C.A.C.A.C. with the exception of a type of evaluation license, public representation, advertising and other public dissemination of redistributables, including any modifications or other activities derived from the redistributables referred to in point 2.2.B or in fractions only for non-commercial purposes, subject to the following restrictions: 10. SUB USE MISSIONS. This agreement does not require you to provide Intel with hardware, information, comments, suggestions or other communications about the hardware. However, they accept that any documents, information, comments, suggestions or other information that you submit or publish on an Intel website (including submissions to Priority Support and/or other customer support sites or online portals), or that Intel is available as part of this agreement, are not controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or the Export Administration Regulation (EAR) and, if they relate to the functions, functions, performance or use of materials, they are considered non-confidential and non-detained.