Ralf Weber: We have a first-class line-up of world stars, professionals and eager Nex-gen players. We have a unique, lifetime contract with Roger Federer, now Alexander Zverev has also showed his interest in such a partnership. That is a good signal that our ATP-world champion wants to stay by our side. We will hold talks on this with him shortly. Next year the national TV-broadcasts will be devided the tournament director explained:”We are just ahead of signing a contract with the ZDF for 2017 and 2018 – with an option also for 2019. The ZDF will broadcast a semi-final and the finals, perhaps in the future also a quarter-final“, Weber said, “the extensive reporting by Eurosport has to be added, too. The contract by Sky with the ATP is not valid for us. For us it is very important that the tournament can be seen on free-TV“. Dr Sven Jansen: We started talks very late, we didn’t know really that we had this chance. When we saw the opportunity, we decided quickly – for us such a rapid decision shows how dynamic the health care sector and our company. It was a challenge but we took this on gladly.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Ralf Weber and his team for this feat, which was mastered well. When you take a look around here, you can only say: that was done really superbly. The contract was secured by Kai Tak Sports Park following an open tendering exercise. It is valid for a period of 25 years, including four to five years for the design and construction phase, as well as 20 years for the operation phase. Unsere Ausgleichmöglichkeiten gelten nur für während der Schließung gezahlte Beiträge. Solltest Du nicht einverstanden sein, legen wir Deinen Beitrag für die restliche Zeit der Krise still. Schreibe uns eine E-Mail mit Deinen Namen, Adresse und Geburtsdatum an: info@sportpark-halle-saale.de The Hong Kong government has awarded a contract for the design, construction and operation of the proposed Kai Tak Sports Park to a subsidiary of New World Development Company, according to government press release. “Obviously, some have still not understood that the current unprecedented crisis can only be about the health of our players, employees, fans and their families, as well as everyone. All other interests have to be behind it,” it said.

Wir hoffen tagtäglich darauf, unsere Studios für Dich wieder öffnen zu können. Dies liegt nicht in unserer Hand, wir sind auf die Maßgaben der Regierung angewiesen. Dich und auch uns stellt diese Situation vor ganz besondere Herausforderungen, die wir gemeinsam mit Dir meistern wollen. Sei Dir bewusst, dass uns als mittelständisches Unternehmen diese Krise unerwartet hart getroffen hat und wir hoffen, mit folgenden Möglichkeiten für alle eine entsprechende Lösung gefunden zu haben. Du unterstützt uns in dieser außergewöhnlichen Lage mit Geduld und Deinem Beitrag.