You’re here for the thought process, right? Good. Here it is….

So, I’m taking a bath. Not right now; a few minutes ago. And it occurs to me that, if I have any clean [usually meaning new, still in the package] socks, I’m not really aware of it. But that’s okay: I can kinda rewear the old ones.

That of course led to the fallback quip old people have about having socks older than you. And by extension an attempt at estimating how old any of my socks might be. And that ran into something of a wall when I realised that I’ve probably got socks around here that I accidentallyish stole from my dad, conceivably dating them back to World War Two.

The next thought, interrupted halfway through by the dialogue of the strip you’ve just read, involved going up to old people and assuring them that my socks are older than they are.

But the strip as it is took less panels to set up.